Interaction between the many places to configure which channels are used

Hi, I’m using Chirpstack 3 with class A devices in the US and a multitech gateway running the chirpstack-gateway-bridge (on gateway). I have a bunch of devices deployed using subbands 1 and 2. I’m looking start using two extra subbands on a new deployment, however it looks like there are many places to possibly configure which channels to use:

  1. In the gateway’s UI. I don’t figure you’ll know what this will affect since it’s specific to the gateway
  2. In the gateway’s chirpstack-gateway-bridge toml configuration file
  3. In the network server’s toml configuration file
  4. In chirpstack’s UI in a gateway profile

How do these interact? The network server’s configuration is global for all gateways on that network server. How would you handle gateways with different channels enabled?

Additionally, is there a way for the device to know what channels it can talk on and be heard or will I need to implement this in a higher layer?

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I would recommend taking a look at ChirpStack v4. The channel-configuration has been simplified a lot. I agree this was not very obvious in v3 :slight_smile:

Still in v4 there are two places where you will need to configure the channel-configuration. The configuration that must be sent to the gateways (if you are using the Concentratord) and the configuration that must be sent to the devices. Example: