Interfacing the STM32 Nucleo pack LoRa LF with V4

Hi All

I am busy trying to configure Chirpstack to communicate the STM32 Nucleo pack LoRa LF.

I have been able to detect Join Requests and Unconfirmed Uplink messages from my end device in the Chirpstack UI but no join accept. When opening a serial port to the End Device I see it joins successfully.

I am using the dockerised version of the Chirpstack and when checking the debug logs I see the received < level=debug msg="backend/semtechudp: “udp packet from gateway” … protocol_version=1 … >

When I have set up 868 modules in the past protocol_version=2

Would this be the cause of seeing no Join Accept message as I will not receive a TXACK message?

You probably want to upgrade your UDP Packet Forwarder :slight_smile: I expect that your packet-forwarder doesn’t support the TX_ACK package, and thus ChirpStack will not show the downlinks (JoinAccept, …) in the web-interface. This is also going to cause issues with other downlinks as without TX_ACK, ChirpStack will assume the downlink was not sent by the gateway.