Interfacing with the Application Server

Hi All,

I am new to Lora/LoraWan and trying to build an end to end proof of concept for monitoring basic environmental conditions, such as air condition, uv index, etc… I want to create a private network and have a single gateway (so I know the simplest is to install the complete Loraserver on the gateway)
The question I have is about the App Server:
If I want to build a simple web application to perform both data visualization and high level end device management (e.g add/remove devices from the network, change sensor data capture interval, on-demand data capture, etc…), is it a required, in this case to interface directly with the App Server (via REST or MQTT) or can I have some kind of backend for the app to interface with? The idea for the backend is that I can install it on PC and then access the web application on a local network. It would also have its own database, decoupled from the Loraserver.

What is the recommended approach?


You can use the mosquitto_sub command-line tool to directly obtain data via MQTT:

For data visualization purpose, I guess you may use the ThingsBoard integration: