Interference at 868MHz

Hello to all!

I am trying to test my LoRa network and i take very disappointing results.
I have Ideetron’s Gateway lorank8v1 which range can reach 15 km.

In addition i use ideetron Nexus Board as microcontroller and a Nexus Demoboard where sensors are mounted.

I send 1 packet per minute about the humidity and temperature measures.

After the 200m my packets aren’t captured by the gateway.
I run the packet logger software on my gateway and all packets that are captured have a bad CRC_CODE verification which i think is due to interference.

I have thought that i may have some interferences from LTE/3G/4G networks but they are not in the bad of 868MHz in Greece.

My gateway has 8 simultaneous channels.

What should i do?
May i have to configure the datarate , the spreadfactor and the frequence in which me node transmits?
Any other ideas?

Check datarate, check TX power, check antennas.

We managed to get a link at ~12KM with Multitech conduit and a 12dbi antenna. With RisingHF modules

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Could you give me some indicative values of these parameters for a long transmision?

What data exactly do you need?

Device or gateway?

Device…because my gateway has 8 simultaneous channels!

Hi @fma
I am using risingHF gateway.
I have AcSiP lora module,when i tested for peer to peer i am getting good distance.
But when i send data to gateway from node,i am not getting the better distance.What are the possibilities of mistakes here?

I am using semetch packet forwarder.


@Praveen_Kumar_R it could be the gateway antenna.

@ktsakos We are using flex antennas I think it is this one

Usually we get SF10-12. But we have an 8 dbi antenna and the gateway is in good altitude (6-7 floors).


Thanks for your fast reply,Let me check my gateway antenna.