Intergration with AWS Greengrass as bridge offline mode

Is it possible to or do you have any ideas how to ,

Have a Lora Gateway set to bridge to our AWS-IOT. What I’m curious about is can clients/devices still publish and subscribe to the gateway even if the internet connection back to AWS-IOT becomes intermittent?
The application is we have a LoRa sensor device which will need to trigger a LoRa control device when sensor detects a certain state. This is easy to do with a constant internet connection. However we still need to be able to achieve the outcome in the instance that the backbone link from the gateway goes down.
My theory was or is that if the gateway is bridged to aws-iot broker then the control device can subscribe to the sensor device topic and when the sensor device updates it’s topic the control device will see that and trigger its actuator. This all ok but what happens if the link back to AWS-IOT goes down? Will the bridge keep functioning as a broker until the connection is reestablished?

many thanks in advance

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