Introduction: Heavy-duty industrial LoRaWAN pressure and temperature sensors

Hello ChirpStack community!
I want to quickly introduce our new line of LoRaWAN-enabled sensors for monitoring pressures and temperatures in distribution piping: Devices are targeted for heavy-duty IP65 environment and have integrated display for configuration and readouts locally. Devices are designed to be able to measure and transmit hundreds of thousands of messages before battery need to be (user) replaced.

The devices are fully compatible, tested and working on ChirpStack with additional support on TTN/TTS.

Please do not hesitate to browse and ask questions!
Hopefully this product will extend the offering of sensors on the LoRaWAN market and strengthen the LoRaWAN adoption in industrial environments.


NB: This topic is also posted on the TTN forum here: This topic on TTN forum.


Looks nice, good job.

I assume “heavy duty” + “Industrial” + no list price on website = really expensive?


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actually, I think our prices are very competitive considering first-grade materials, certifications and ISO processes guaranteeing measurement precision, plus long-term longevity design.
This is unfortunately not the kind of device where you can automate or outsource many parts of assembly elsewhere easily.

But yes, these are measurement instruments used for monitoring vital sections of (from very small to very large) industrial systems.

Thanks for asking!

No worries! It was meant more tongue-in-cheek than serious.

I work in industrial automation (oil refining), so I am accustomed to commiserate pricing for that service.