Irregular intervals between Batterystatus report

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I am using LoRaWAN Class A devices on Chirpstack to monitor the temperature. In order to monitor the battery level of the device, I am using the DevStatusReqFreq option available on Serviceprofile.

Current settings allow the Chirpstack Network server to request battery status once per day via downlink. Whereas, the battery status is not reported with regular time intervals. I found, from logs, that the periodicity of uplinks are not reported once per day and follow an irregular pattern.

What would be the suitable configuration on Serviceprofile to report battery level every day?

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I think that will be very device-specific. What devices are you using? What do their docs recommend?

Also, what did you enter in the DevStatusReqFreq field?
I have mine on β€˜24’ it does an update very regularly, but i must say that it’s not exactly every hour. My class A device wakes up every 15 minutes and does a bit of processing. So sometimes i see 4 uplinks in between teh downlink and sometimes i see 5.

Maybe post some lorawan frames screenshots so we get to understand what irregular is?

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This depends on the interval of the uplinks that the device is sending. In other words, the interval that you set is the interval after which ChirpStack will send a DeviceStatusReq mac-command, but it will only send this mac-command in response to an uplink.

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