Is Chirpstack compatible with Ebyte's E890-915LG12 gateway?

Hello everyone.

I’ve read through ChirpStack’s documentation however I couldn’t find if ChirpStack supports the gateway that I’ll be using.

I was wondering if ChirpStack is compatible with Ebyte’s E890-915LG12 gateway?
If yes, could you please point me in the right direction as to how I could possibly set it up?

Thank you.

Therir promotional material via a quick search indicates they support ChirpStack, but you’ll need to look into what packet forwarders are available to understand your installation/architecture options.

Yes, that is as far as what I’ve got as well. I’ll look further into the supported packet forwarders.

Hi, do you can connect that ebyte gateway to your server?

Hello @Manuel_Chavez .

Yes, the E890-915LG12 gateway is compatible with Chirpstack network server.

Hi @Lime_Ajinomoto, do you have the process to connect the gateway, I try running my chirpstack server with docker but is not possible connection, Must I set any special configuration on my server or gateway?

I setup the network server according to the v4 documentation but Ubuntu, not with Docker. I did have to configure the firewall to allow port 1700 (udp) & port 8080 though.

Once the Chirpstack network server & application are up & running, you have to add your gateway into the Chirpstack application. If you’ve added & configured your gateway correctly, the status of your gateway should change to “Online” in the Chirpstack application.

Hello, Lime_Ajinomoto,
did you use Raspberry Pi, or another computer? And which of Chirpstack downloads Downloads - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation did you use?

Thank you!