Is confirmed_uplink part of the kafka uplink message

In the integration.proto file I see that the UplinkEvent message contains the field ‘confirmed_uplink’ however when I dump the kafka messages I get from uplinks that field is never present. My devices currently send confirmed uplinks every six messages.

I know those messages are sent, and marked as confirmed, as use the Redis stream, lora:ns:device:stream:frame, to debug.

Is this what I would expect of does it indicate I’ve done something wrong. If it is what I should expect is there a later version of the Application server where the ‘confirmed_uplink’ is present in the kafka message?

I’m running Chirpstack in Docker, I think the version is 3.17.2, but unsure as the “chirpstack-application-server version” command run within docker returns a blank line.

Thanks in advance.

The kafka integration doesn’t change the payload, so all fields should be included.

Thanks for making time to respond and your answer is what I expected. So potentially I’m doing something stupid.

I dumped all the messages from kafka, pre any of my processing to see if the data was there.
A typical message I get from Kafka is:

ConsumerRecord(topic=‘mjaproto.comms.fct.chirpstack.hsn.0’, partition=0, offset=45575, timestamp=1661938882915, timestamp_type=0, key=b’application.1.device.313430337435630a.event.up’, value=b’{“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“HSN-Pyro”,“deviceName”:“MR057”,“deviceProfileName”:“pyro_prototype”,“deviceProfileID”:“4d776e9b-f6e6-42ec-9708-1fb917cdbf82”,“devEUI”:“313430337435630a”,“rxInfo”:[{“gatewayID”:“a840412115c44150”,“uplinkID”:“1dbf2b65-d662-4021-b973-e9d20955e614”,“name”:“LPS08”,“time”:“2022-08-31T09:41:21Z”,“rssi”:-104,“loRaSNR”:-1,“location”:{“latitude”:0,“longitude”:0,“altitude”:0}}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:917800000,“dr”:5},“adr”:true,“fCnt”:1127,“fPort”:1,“data”:“AWsAAQBW”}‘, headers=[(‘event’, b’up’)], checksum=None, serialized_key_size=46, serialized_value_size=501, serialized_header_size=7)

No field named confirmed_uplink is present in this message nor in 24 hours worth of messages but the device sends a confirmed message ever 90 minutes, which I do see in the Redis stream, lora:ns:device:stream:frame.

Is that field in another event that I’m not getting, if so which event and how do I enable it? Doesn’t seem likely as most of the fields documented in integration.proto are present here.