Is GW Frame Sent/Frame Receive calculated by server or GW

Basic question. How does the GW details page get the data that it shows for gateway details frames sent/received per minute?

Is this information calculated in the server or kept by each GW.

I have 2 gateways attached to a test system (1 Laird and 1 Tektelic Pico) and I can see this information updated for the Laird GW, but I don’t see it updated for the Tektelic GW. Both GWs show live frame traffic and appear to be processing information from 7 different end devices.

Are the received (uplink) counts prior to de-duplication showing real GW received frames? I guess I would expect sent (downlink) counts to only include downlinks routed to each gateway. Is that right?

This comes from the .../stats messages (thus from the gateway):

Thank you Orne. It looks like the tektlik pico gateway uses version 1 of the packet forwarder not version 2.

As usual appreciate the prompt responses. Always very helpful.

I think there has been a firmware update for the Tektelic gateway which enables the sending of stats