Is node need to be reactivated


Last week, me & my team installed gateway and 6 nodes in one small factory. We successfully activated all nodes via OTAA and the uplink works without any fail. Then the problem occured, the gateway didn’t get internet connection for one full week. After we solved the internet issue on gateway, the node send uplink data to server but the server reject it with message:

level=error msg=“processing uplink frame error” data_base64=“QE3hKAEAyZkVQqQOP7jzyjwcWuT42qjVrMTiC4+mmhk=” error="get device-session error: device-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic

I check on dashboard, the nodes are still active and redis database is still alive.

So is the node need to be reactivated if this issue happen?


Please see the device_session_ttl setting.

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