Is Rak2287 Concentration Module Supported?

I want to buy Rak2287 concentrator module that based on SX1302. Is that fully supported by Chirpstack ?

It depends on your gateway-bridge backend. I have the rak2287 running with the RAKK supplied lora packet forwarder, and the chirpstack gateway bridge using the semtech_udp backend. That works just fine. chirpstack doesn’t really need to “support” the rak2287 in this case since RAKK supplies the lora_pkt_fwd daemon, that speaks the semtech_udp protocol.

Rakk supplies a whole bunch of scripts to get started with their rakk2287 but that adds a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff. Basically the only thing you need is the libloragw and lora_pkt_fwd in Compile that and add the global config file for your region and local config file with the adjustments for your gateway (gatewayid for instance) and you should be able to configure the gateway bridge from the docs.

It should also be pretty straightforward to add support into the Concentratord for this module. As the SX1302 is already supported, I believe it shouldn’t be more than adding a vendor config file like:

I don’t have this module (yet). If somebody would like to help out with this, that would be a great contribution :slight_smile: Most of the RAK calibration values can be found in this repo:

ChirpStack working very well with RAK2287 . In this moment i use that

you have in this moment RPI image on rakwireless site for RAK2287 with chirpstack embedded , but I use it with external ChirpStack server

So …Dont worry will work!

I’ve just got the module and thinking to do that because I want to get clean chirpstack setup.
After adding support into Concentratord, then I need to update the chirpstack os?

I have made PR for both chirpstack-concentratord and chirpstack-gateway-os. I tried to test the concentratord but I could not run the docker container cause some packages were unable to be found on rust.

I got the concentrator as well, but the only thing is that I’m running it on an NVIDIA jetson nano but it’s not working for me, the module turns on a blue led, and on the web interface it says that the gateway is online and working. But when I try to send a up link message from my rak3172 module, it doesn’t receive anything.
I also got the rak 5146 working on an RPI4, and when I send the same up link message it works perfectly.