Is the Gateway Bridge a required component?

Hey there,

I understand the benefits of using the gateway bridge as intended, but I was wondering: can you omit this service? And use the loraserver service as the lora specification dictates, with gateways simply forwarding packets to it? Or does the loraserver service only communicate with gateway bridges?

Thanks in advance.

LoRa Gateway Bridge is required as it converts the packet-forwarder data in the format expected by LoRa Server:

Okay, makes sense, thanks.

Some gateways may have the LoRa Gateway Bridge installed on it like LAIRD and send via MQTT to LoRa Server, if that is your case you do not necessarily need to have it installed on your server.

How about Multitech Conduit with AEP software on it ? This model can be configured to work like a Packet Forwarder but the question is do we need to install LoRa Gateway Bridge or we already have this software installed on device ?

Hello Alexandre

What about LG01 ???


I am not sure if is the one I quickly looked, probably not because is a LoRa single channel gateway, not a LoRaWAN gateway.