Is there a way to test a local network/app server without device?


My current setup is:

  • Kerlink iStation868 in local network
  • ESP32Lora device, using LMIC lib
  • Chirpstack network+ application servers accessed remotely, cloud hosted

Things work fine for now, my device packets appears on application servers web interface.

I’m trying to move to a different setup where Chirpstack network+ application servers will be in local network too, hosted on a RPi4. I wonder if there is a way to test if network/app servers are correctly setup by sending packets without device/gateway.

I mean, is there some kind of software or tool available that can make requests as if they were coming from the gateway-bridge, only through web requests ?

Thx by advance,

Hii @sebastienjean

yes, you can use chirpstack-simulator for testing purposes without the device.

Thx @sagarpatel, will try it.