Is there any commercial application or product uses LoRaServer?

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Is there any application or product which uses LoRaServer or have you done any performance testing for this, if so then please provide me the details?

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I know many companies that are using LoRa Server for commercial purposes. Unfortunately I’m not sure what I can share and what I can’t. Anyway, if companies are interested to post their LoRa Server use cases in this topic, that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks Brocaar for the response and good to know that many companies are using LoRa Server for commercial purpose. Have you done any performance testing for LoRa Server?? If so, it would be great if you provide the details. Just wanted to make sure of Performance aspect of it

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You could take a look at

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Hi Mr Brocaar,

just wanted to ask here rather than making a new topic needlessly. Since 2018 how many more commercial uses of ChirpStack are there?

I understand if you can’t name them directly, but could you maybe give a number, or the countries they are in?

And if I’m not already prying too much, do you know the # of devices in use?

There are many companies using ChirpStack. Some of these companies contribute to the project by sponsoring the development of new features. I can’t share any names, but there are over 2k downloads per week. This is where these downloads are coming from: