Is there any way to check if my custom ADR lib is working?


Using this tutorial: ADR plugin creation example - #2 by brocaar
I have created my custom ADR lib, compiled it as separate file, then put into chirpstack server and made change in network-server-config.toml in “adr_plugin=” line.
Chirpstack network server was restarted and…?
How to check that my custom ADR lib was successfully loaded and is in use?

Hello Mariusz,
Hope you are fine. can you please tell me the steps of how you created and added the custom ADR. I am a beginner and m not familiar with go. Your help will be appreciated.

Don’t forget to select the ADR algorithm in the device-profile :slight_smile:

We are using Network Server version EU868 @ 3.9.0.
Is it possible to NOT upgrade it to current version and still be able to see what ADR is running?

All fight is only for one reason: Chirpstack is setting too low TX power for nodes and they loose connection.