Issue on chirpstack, no on TTN

Hi everyone, it has been a while that I didn’t use chirpstack. I tested my different sensors and gateways on TTN and I would come back to use Chirpstack but I encountered different problems:

On TTN when I added gateways ( different types with ethernet, wifi and sim 4g) and many devices the first time everything was up and running without any issue. Same thing on Chirpstack caused many down on sensors side ( gateways were always on), that is devnonce error, stop sending uplink when a device moved from a gateway coverage to another. I know that Chirpstack is an open source and probably are my mistakes in the setup, so my questions are:

  • after basic installation of chirpstack , doI need to concentrate only on application server for gateways and sensors setup or still need some upgrade on network server side?
    I know that are generic questions, but 1 year working with chirpstack put me in trouble a lot of times, a couple of months on TTN I did not have any issue.
    I would appreciate any suggestion to avoid common mistakes on Chirpstack. Basically there are few keys and parameters setup for devices but often I deleted and reinstalled again the seup on chirpstack application server. The most common mystake I encountered was dev nonce error for simple temperature and humidity sensors (milesight) and some water leak sensors ( dragino).

Than you,

We run ChirpStack in production and see no errors / problem in a few years.
You can try to use ChirpStack v4.
ChirpStack Application Server is for ChirpStack v3 only.

For user guides, you can take a look at our guides.
We use Chirpstack as LoRaWAN network server.

Thank you for your help

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