Issue on get data by API

I downloaded chirpstack-api in GitHub. but I don’t know than how I can use it.
I want to only get plain text of data from LoRaserver. and show on a web application by python.
Where I should enter user, pass and URL? and how can I get data?



There are several approaches that you can take to tackle what you want to achieve.

In order to provide an accurate answer to your issue you must expand how would you expect to communicate wtih the API.

Some ideas that I can provide when running a web python application are:

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thanks for your reply. I can get token, but I can’t get clear uplink.
which functions I should use?
May you help me again?

sure, because you need to apply codec to byte sequence of your endnode device after receive the packet.
refer to Introduction - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server and learn. Use the forum search, also. Your newbie questions have been asked more than once.

thanks for your reply. I think I can’t work with proto file. in other word I need a instruction or a source code to add in my python code that it print for example my devices list or other data.

There is no such code to use it right away in Python.
If you want to get the list of devices, you may want to explore what are the calls that you can do within the API and based on that create the request on your python code either using native gRPC or RESTful JSON.