Issue regarding http integration

can i give an URL (in the http integration) thats runs on a localhost… like https:\\abc.php…
If i do so i get 404 error… But the problem is that is if I run the same(abc.php) on my own system its working perfectly. is working perfectly but i want to create a page of my own… So i guess there might be some issue regarding the integration

A couple of points:

  • https:\\abc.php is not a valid URL
  • is not equal to localhost. If your code runs on localhost, then change the url to http://localhost/... or https://localhost/... in case you’re using TLS
  • if that doesn’t work, try using curl from the command-line on the same machine from which LoRa App Server is running against the same URL
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But i want to display the datas on an another system where i have written some PHP code that processes http post request… For testing purpose i am running on local host… In that case will the curl work?

I am getting this error handler *httphandler.Handler error: expected 2XX response, got: 404
I want to display the data in an another webpage running on a localhost… Please help me out

When you get a 404, that probably means that the HTTP Integration meganism is able to connect to your endpoint, but that the URL is invalid.

so how do i resolve it then… suppose i am running a file called abc.php … then what should my URL ? coz by giving simply won’t help me out… neither curl is working … please tell me a demo URL so that i can push that http request to my own webserver… means how should it look like

That all depends on your HTTP server configuration. Again please use a tool like curl for debugging. Also you could check your http access logs where abc.php is hosted.

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your webserver should be connected to a different port than lora app server so use localhost:(port use by server)/ABC.php