Issue running jscript in cs3

I’m revisiting frmpayload - it’s the only thing left…I’ll post solution when I find it. I had same script running perfectly in cs3 server and now I have rebuilt EVERYTHING and nothing comes back. There’s nothing in documentation or configs, except some mentions of having to decode frmPayloads outside of CS itself - I didn’t need to do this originally and things worked amazingly for months and months…I cannot understand why now.

The codec for v4 is changed compared to v3.

Just a few lines to put in to make it works in v4.

Thanks but - my problem is that I went back to v3 and the v3 script isn’t working.

I took out the v4 reference as it’s irrelevant really. Sorry to confuse.

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I have found the answer - despite connecting and maintaining stable connection for days using MAC:1.1.0 and RP: 2-1.0.3, changing to MAC:1.0.3 RP:B sent through the data in a way the script recognised and decoded…hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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