Issue sending at commands

Hi All, just wondering we have a test ChirpStack setup at work, running with a heap of dragino sensors all working ok, they are all on Lorawan 915 mhz, we have issue with some sensors calibration being out, and wanted to know does anyone know if you can send at commands or similar downlink to the sensors remotely, but do it via ChirpStack or maybe mqtt.

First you’d have to figure out what the particular sensors in question offer.

Many times its preferable to apply calibration at the data platform after the message has been transmitted through the full LoRaWAN chain (Chirpstack sends the still unadjusted data to your data platform, and you compensate it only there)

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Which model are you working with?

Hi All, thanks for the reply first model is LSPH01,
What I was hoping there was a way to send a an AT command or similar as downlink to the sensor, just like I can with serial cable and putty to change the sensor onsite, but of coarse it gives me trouble onsite instead.

Hi @esstech,

Well, of course you can use Dowlink commands to send to LSPH01 in order to setup different parameters, but you have to keep in mind two things:

  • Not all parameters can be modified through Downlink commands. Opposite to AT commands (that you can modify everything) for security reasons just some of them are available through Downlink commands.
  • You must send the Downlink command in its proper syntax, this is, you cannot send directly AT+TDC=1000 for instance, as you write on Putty through AT commands.

You can find on page 22 of LPSH01 manual the way to do it:

There are two series of commands: one for all Dragino devices and other specific for LSPH01.

Here you have an example, you must all remember that in Chirpstack you have to send the commands in Base64, and in the manual they are HEX