Issue when HW reboots?

Please see attachments for detailed pictures. I have a docker container with: chirpstack-gateway-bridge, redis, mosquitto, chirpstack, postgresql. A working call

docker-compose up -d


However If I then reboot I notice with docker-compose command that mosquitto and chirpstack-gateway-bridge show exit. A check with systemctl after boot shows that mosquitto is active. This occurs also with chirpstack-gateway-bridge. (Take note of what systemctl shows for mosquitto and chirpstack-gateway-bridge services as well)

I then try and run docker-compose up -d and mosquitto errs out.

To solve:
I have to

systemctl stop PROCESS_NAME

for each of them then I also do (not sure if I have to)

docker rm NAME

THEN if I do a docker-compose up -d all comes back up

Can someone tell me how to get around this or what I need to do as it looks like a reboot starts some services and also allows some of the containers to come up but there is no connection between these external services and the internal containers in docker so I have to kill the services for docker to be able to start them?

Thank you

I believe I solved this as it now appears when I reboot the URL comes up without me doing anything…


sudo systemctl disable mosquitto
sudo systemctl disable chirpstack-gateway-bridge