Issue with adapters connecting to Chirpstack

hi, i have a question about the Lora-wan adapters connecting to the Chirpstack, we registered once time the adapters into the Lora-wan gateway and the Chirpstack keep reporting error ‘DevNonce has been used’, then we delete all adapter from gateway and directly into Chirpstack, which keep reporting the same error. Is this due to that Chirpstack has memory the adapters connected previously into the gateway? What is a suggested solution? I would appreciate your feedback!

You may need to click the button (or API call) to flush them first. See this thread:

hi same issue with you, our device profile is ’ Lorawan Mac version 1.0.3, Class C, OTAA supported’ we use an adapter connecting to a water sensor transfering modbus 485 into lora-wan protocol. Each adapter connects to the Chirpstack reports same isse’DevNonce has been used’

@Mingxi have you bean able to fix this issue? I use CS3 and there is no problems with DevNounce but with same device on CS4 I only see DevNonce has been used messages.

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