Issue with Creating a Device within an Application using ChirpStack API

I am trying to create a device within an application using the ChirpStack API, but I keep receiving the error "Invalid string length" . Is this due to a v3 ↔ v4 chirpstack issue? Here is the curl command I am using:

curl -X POST
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–header ‘Accept: application/json’
–header ‘Grpc-Metadata-Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN]’
-d ‘{
“device”: {
“applicationID”: “[YOUR_APPLICATION_ID]”,
“description”: “[DEVICE_DESCRIPTION]”,
“deviceProfileID”: “[YOUR_DEVICE_PROFILE_ID]”,
“name”: “[DEVICE_NAME]”,
“referenceAltitude”: 0,
“skipFCntCheck”: true,
“tags”: {},
“variables”: {}

“code”: 13,
“message”: “Invalid string length”,

Please take a look at the Swagger UI examples for the API endpoints. Because some of the field names are not v4.