Issue with RAK2287 Concentrator on Jetson Nano

Hi there, I need help ASAP.
I bought a RAK 2287 and I got it working via USB adapter to my NVIDIA Jetson Nano, and installed Chirpstack but something is weird, when go to the web interface to check my Gateway it looks like its “online” but when I try to send a message with my rak 3172 module and I check the frames and the events, it looks like it doesn’t received anything.
I also decided to test this out on my raspberry pi with a rak 5146 and they are configured the same way (using the steps of the documentation) and it did work on raspberry pi, it received all the messages.
So I was wondering if maybe it has something to do with chirpstack or my jetson nano, and if it’s something related to chirpstack, what can I do to make sure my gateway receives the uplink messages?