Issue with Tectelic Kona Micro Gateway


We have tectelic kona micro gateway running at our end. It was running well as expected since long. But yesterday somehow as per our requirement to change its IP configuration from DHCP to Static using KonaFT Application. From that time onwards, we are getting its IP in Gateway IP Finder but still not able to ssh to that IP.

Please guide a way so that we can hard reset the gateway to bring it back in normal working state either in dhcp mode will work. Please help.

Rohit Jindal

Not really a Chirpstack issue, so i don’t think you’re going to get a ton of support here, but i would suggest you reach out to Tektelic’s support. They’re usually pretty good with these things. Seems like you might have messed up something when you changed the IP. If it’s a Kona Micro with a built in cell modem, its possible that it’s listening on the wrong network interface?