Issues with MQTT to send data to node


I am successfully seeing data from nodes on to the lora app server. Now , I am pushing data from node-red to lora app server to relay data to the end node. I am publishing on application/9/node/70b3d58ff003474e/tx , my data is {“confirmed”:true,“data”:“BAE=”,“fPort”:1,“reference”:“something”}.

When I subscribe to the same topic, mosquitto_sub -t “application/9/#” -v , I am able to see that it got published.

Result of mosquitto_sub -t “application/9/#” -v below:

application/9/node/70b3d58ff003474e/tx {“confirmed”:true,“data”:“BAE=”,“fPort”:1,“reference”:“something”}

But there is no no information about this in the live event logs, nor in frame logs.

However, same information when I send from the API POST command,
“confirmed”: true,
“data”: “BAE=”,
“fPort”: 1,
“reference”: “something”
}, it shows up perfectly in live event logs and frame logs, and I can see the class C device responding too.

When i see journalctl logs of lora server and lora app server, there is nothing when I send it from MQTT, but all logs appear perfectly while doing API POST.

I have also restarted the loraserver and lora app server, still the same issue persists.
I found some similar issues of other people, those solutions also do not work.

How do I make it work from MQTT? Is there any other alternative way , like by sending POST command from Node-red directly?

Thanks so much in advance!

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