Issuing LinkADRReq Through API

Is it possible to issue the LinkADRReq mac command without using the the in-built ADR algoirthm? The API method for CreateMACCommandQueueItemRequest doesn’t appear to have a input for the mac command block. that allows for input of the datarate and transmission power.

The API method accepts a binary payload, therefore it can be used for any mac-command (specified by the LoRaWAN specification or proprietary). You can use the package for encoding a mac-command (or decoding):

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So we started using CreateMACCommandQueueItemRequest to generate and send maccomands through the api and have verified that the api calls made are being queued. However, when we run the the maccomand, the downlink generated (2) LinkAdrReq Mac commands in the downlink. The second linkadrreq is the one I generated but the first one seems to be another request automated from the server. I have disable linkadr in the config file but still get (2) linkadrreq is a single downlink with the first one not being intended. Do I need to run a additional API call
in addition CreateMACCommandQueueItemRequest to send the data out?

Anyone find a solution to this it seems as if every time the Network Server API call for create maccomand is called, the mac command block gets deleted in the queue before the downlink is sent.