Join EUI Provisionsing

Could someone confirm somethign with me;

(a) If you are using ‘standalone’ without referencing external join servers, the Join EUI on devices should always be set as 00000000000.

(b) If you want to use an external join server, then you need to use different Join EUI’s that corrospond to those external join servers…

The behavior that i’m seeing today, if you use by itself ( no join servers ), it will allow you to join a new device, with any Join EUI, however if you try to add a 2nd device with the same join EUI it fails. Setting all devices to 0000000 makes it work.

Unless explicitly turned on in the loraserver.toml file, LoRa Server will not resolve the JoinEUI and you can use any value you wish. At the LoRa Server side, there is no need to provision this value.