Join Request accept process

Hello Community,

I am aware that is not question about chirpstack itself. Rather of process of join request in lorawan.

When my antenna is on quite high i able to send data.
Process looks like this JoinRequest → JoinAccept–> UnconfirmedDataUp–>UnconfirmedDataDown

So my undestading is that my device see gateway(JoinRequest), therefore is able to send data.

When i move antenna closer to groud still able to send (JoinRequest) - so i assume i still able to communicate with gateway and i can send data , i am able to receive (JoinAccept).

But then process stops , and keep looping in JoinRequest—>JoinAccept.


Maybe the distance between the gateway antenna and the sensor is too short (radio interference) and this is the reason for the communication problem when you move the antenna closer to the ground?

What happen if you move the antenna closer to the ground and same time move the sensor further away?

Check that both gateway and sensor antennas are actually connected to the respective radios.