Join Request but no Join Accept

I’m currently utilizing the ChirpStack network in conjunction with a platform. I’ve been encountering a situation with my Breeze device from Tektelic, which is currently only sending a join request on the network server.

I value your insights and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or recommendations you might have on this matter.

Thank you in advance.

It likely means that the Join Accept was not received by the device. You should look at the logs to determine whether Chirpstack accepted it (there would be something about the join or perhaps a downlink commands). Gateway Bridge can also be made to log the GWMP messages exchanged with the LoRa gateway, if you increased verbosity to either debug or trace. Do check whether your gateway received the downlink packet, if GWB sent one.

If the gateway has been going online/offline often, you may need to adjust either how often it sends statistics or perhaps increase the threshold within its profile in Chirpstack

So it is also possible that there is a problem with the gateway?

Do you doubt it? I think it is unlikely. I would look at the logs first. The gateway should log that it transmitted the JOIN ACCEPT or not. If it never received the JOIN ACCEPT from the LNS, then the gateway would not do anything.

I tried to put another device on the network server. But it’s not even sending join request. What to do? :frowning:

If you are able to receive JOIN ACCEPT, it means that the uplink flow is workable. If you cannot receive JOIN ACCEPT messages from a specific device with this network, the channels may be incorrect or perhaps you need a specific procedure to activate the device. Such as pressing a magnet against a specific spot.

yes, this is a gps tracker with panic button. so i’m trying to press it. see, i tried to install this device on the tektelic network server but when i moved it to chirpstack it’s not reporting. I’m not certain what is the issue here

You should refer to the manual. The button may trigger sending of messages, but it may not necessarily get the device to join the network. When pressed, it could be sending frames with the old session data provided by the other LNS.

Mark, have you had the same issue as we adding your gateway? See Unable to add devices

Not sure if it also occurs on the gateway. Just experience this last week.