Join-Request/Join-Accept repeat


Data is received by checking in Gateway / LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES in UI.
Select Device in Applications to save
Join-Request/Join-Accept. However, only Join-Request/Join-Accept is repeated.

We will also save the data and upload it, so please help.

Hi KimHongGyu,

Do I understand correctly that your problem is that the JOIN Request/Accept procedure keeps repeating while you expected the LoRaWAN session to continue and data packets to be exchanged?

If that is the case my guess is that the problem would be in your LoRa node. Which stack are you using?

Hello. DeBuffel
Thanks for the reply. The stack used by LoRA Node is LoRaWAN 1.1. The device profile is also set to 1.1.0.
If you are wondering what to check on the Node Stack, please explain.

It is your LoRa node who initiates the JOIN Request repeatedly, right? So imho it means that the Accept is not received or correctly interpreted.

Have you tried it with another LoRa node or connect your node to another GW?

Thank you.

The LoRA Node has already been transmitted and received normally to other LoRA servers.

A new ChirpStack server is installed and it is occurring on that server.
The server setup was completed normally according to the guide.

In this case, what should be checked?

Application session key is empty under ACTIVATION under Applications. Could it have anything to do with this?

Is status of all daemons OK? Otherwise I have no idea what could be wrong since you used this node succesfully on other LoRaWAN servers as well

Did you manage to find a solution? I’m having the same problem with a device right now.