Join request not followed by a join accept

Hi all,

I am running chirpstack-gateway-os-full-raspberrypi3-20200316141233.rootfs.wic.gz with a RAK2245 and everything is fine.

I have registered a “TheThingsUno” device and I receive its data seamlessly.

I have registered another device. The Join accept frame appears, but Chirpstack does not accept it.
Is there a reason for this ?

Thank you

possibly wrong
DevEUI, AppKey


Thanks for prompt reply and suggestions. This device was also registered with the same keys on the Objenious (France) network and its Join requests are accepted there.

I have already had this issue in the past, in this case the DevEUI was ok, but the AppKey was false.

I have deleted and re-created it. I will go on searching.


I have reactivated the device in the Objenious network and here is the result:

It looks as if there is an issue in the MIC calculation. Can this error explain the beahvior of ChirpStack ?

I will dig into this.


Its says invalid MIC, meaning that the keys at the end node are wrong! Try to use LSB format instead.
Good luck