Join requests are never accepted

tldr: all gateways, devices, servers working fine using ChirpStack v3 but now trialing ChirpStack v4 and getting join requests but nothing is ever accepted

We’re running ChirpStack v4 within Docker, configured from scratch rather than updating our ChirpStack v3 environment. A single test gateway (RAK7289) has been registered and sends status info ok. It’s been set to “LoRa Gateway MQTT Bridge”, is using Protobuf, and has its topics configured in the form: “eu868/gateway/{{eui}}/event/up”

We have a couple of different sensor types from various manufacturers, that are sending join requests but ChirpStack just won’t accept them. We know the keys are correct because if we reconfigure the GW to talk to v3 all is fine, and if we purposely use the wrong keys in v4 then we see event/log messages of the form “MIC of join-request is invalid, make sure keys are correct”.

We’re assuming something is wrong/missing in the downlink/acknowledgement phase of things, but the logs are unhelpful so far. We’re watching the docker logs, the web UI, the gateway’s own logs, manually subscribed to the mqtt broker, etc (although that’s hard to read with protobuf). What are we missing here? What log output will help us solve this?

Many thanks.

No one got any suggestions?

This took way too long to get to the bottom of, but we at least know now what’s wrong - basically, the MQTT forwarder on our gateways is not compatible with ChirpStack 4:

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