Join response error,code:MICFailed

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I have a problem when active the node (by OTAA)
here is the log:

level=info msg=“packet(s) collected” dev_eui=662f153536303747 gw_count=1 gw_macs=fffe985dad2d2dc1 mtype=JoinRequest
12/11/2017 6:41:22 PMtime=“2017-12-11T10:41:22Z” level=error msg=“processing rx packet error: join-request to join-server error: response error, code: MICFailed, description: invalid mic” data_base64=“AAAAAAAAAAAARzcwNjUVL2b/8r9mJE8=”
12/11/2017 6:41:40 PMtime=“2017-12-11T10:41:40Z” level=info msg=“backend/gateway: rx packet received”

no more other hint or problem description. and I search the intnet but did’t find a resolution, could someone who knows this problem can help me?
Any assistance is appreciated.

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I’ve similar problem, I cant understand what specific AppEUI I should write to my nodes

The problem is, the MIC does not contain any hints. It is a signature over the LoRaWAN frame, using the AppKey as a secret. So if one thing is mis-configured, the MIC is in valid and the above error is raised.

A common mistake is that in some cases the values must be entered LSB, in some other cases MSB. See also the examples mentioned here:

Problem was when I try to connect by 1700 UDP via internet, but if I replace LoRa Gateway Bridge to my hardware (Multitech conduit) and try to joining by 1883 TCP (MQTT) - all things are OK
intuitively, I understand that when passing through NAT, there may be problems…

Thank you guys to reply, i’ve found the root cause, it’s because the method of system to get the DevEUI is big-end-first(based on my node device), which means we enter the byte of DevEUI from left to right while the system read the byte from right to left, so that will cause the incorrect DevNonce, and the MIC verification failed

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This link is unavailable, can you please provide me witht the active link becaus I am having similar problem.
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