JoinAccept not received by the device but uplink messages OK


I’m performing passive roaming between two LoRaWAN Networks. Everything is working fine as I get no errors in CS logs or any of my AppServers, yet I cannot see JoinAccept in my device.

This is how it goes:

  • When I try to send messages from my Arduino MKRWAN 1310 to the network, those messages are forwarded to the NS through the gateway (RaspberryPi) and then roamed to it home Join Server.
  • The Join Server does respond to these messages, as I can see in the gateway tab in my AppServer:

  • However, these messages are not visible in my data frames, but uplink messages are sent properly, and downlink are too.

My question is… Is this a real problem? Is there something wrong or everything is fine, as I’m not getting any error?

I’m not sure if I fully understand as you are comparing the frames tab (where you see JoinRequest / Accept messages) with the data tab where you see join and up messages.

Note that the latter does only show events, e.g. when the device has joined or when an uplink was received. In v3, the join event is sent after receiving the first uplink (which confirms that the device successfully joined).