joinRequest and not response

my device send joinReuqest and loraserver not response,how can i check the problem?

In addition,I had got response before 10 minutes and it successed Join

loraserver joinRequest log

time=“2019-09-18T18:12:21+08:00” level=info msg=“packet(s) collected” dev_eui=myDeviceID gw_count=1 gw_ids=60c5a8fffe7612f8 mtype=JoinRequest

Are you using a never-before used join nonce?

Or does your program start over with the same value?

Is a join response actually being queued to the gateway for transmission?

Is the node listening on the correct frequency at the correct time to receive it?

I have a similar problem, my node sends the requests to link to the LORA server, but I have no response.
Could you help me with this please?