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Hey, I have four node devices, all which worked well before this week. But since this Monday, two of them can not be actived on loraserver, another two still works well. the Appserver UI shows JoinRequest JoinAccept msg again and again. I tried direct the gateway to another loraserver, the join be successed immedirtly. anyone can help tell me how to fix it. thankyou very much!

I have this same problem, I have some devices that loop in Join.

I have the same problem, I am trying to add two new devices and they just loop in JoinRequest/JoinAccept loop ??? Anyone please help!!

I found the issue, for the new devices. Actually it was hardware issue, the SMD battery connector on the PCB was soldered bad, so every time it transmits, it would have the power dip and would reset, once that fixed, it worked fine.

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For those not having power issues, be sure to check that the join accept message is getting sent back down to the device on the correct channel that you expect. I’ve seen instances where one uplink generates multiple uplinks on the gateway and the NS (on an old version of loraserver) chooses the wrong packet which is on the wrong channel. This resulted in the downlink coming back down on the wrong channel do the end device never received the join accept downlink.

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I’m observing a similar problem with the Join request/Join accept loop. But in the process of investigation this problem, I tried 2 different packet forwarders (lora_pkt_fwd from semtech and poly_pkt_fwd from ttn), with the basic packet forwarder(lora_pkt_fwd) and equal local.conf.json everything works fine, but with another one I’ve got a loop. I suppose the problem in the packet forwarder code.
will proceed this investigations.

Could you tell me how to set the loraserver to solve this issue, or any suggestions to fix it. thank you very much!

Can you send a screenshot of your gateway frames and your device frames?

After I disconnected the host network wire few seconds later, then connect it back. The joinRequest be successfully accepted. I tried sometimes, it shows same result. by the way,My loraserver host has dual ethernet interface. I dont know what happen。

I face the same issue with some of my sensors. My gateway is a kerlink iStation with Kerlink Common Packet-Forwarder (CPF). Any suggested solution ?

You seem to have established that a join request was received and a join accept generated.

The next questions are:

  1. Did the gateway transmit the join accept?
  2. Was the end-device listening at the correct time on the correct frequency and SF etc?
  3. Did the end device receive the join accept
  4. Did the end device process the join accept and use it, or was it rejected for some reason?
  5. If the end device entered a joined session, did it somehow “lose” that session, for example a watchdog reboot
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@cstratton thank you for your fast reply.
The logs of the network server from a similar join request - acceptance are attached below.
The end-devices are water meters and most of them are placed under of the ground. I don’t know if the meter receive the join request, i don’t have access to their software.

You need to look at gateway logs or status to see if the gateway transmitted

And ultimately, if all other possibilities fail, you would need access to debug information from the node software, though hopefully you can identify the issue without that.

@brocaar, maybe this particular ‘error’ deserves its own entry in ChirpStack FAQ because (a) its causes and solutions vary, (b) there is no prescribed, logical procedure of things to check - what @cstratton supplies is wonderful but I didn’t find it until today! And, combined, these factors mean that (c) this ‘error’ has high probability of affecting most (all?) ChirpStack users sooner or later.

Benefits are numerous and obvious; these include:

  • Sure would be nice to have an ‘official’ procedure to eliminate all known possibilities. This reduces anxiety through its mere existence and makes ChirpStack administration more predictable.
  • Forum user can direct users to that entry, which has high probability of bringing quick relief to people who encountered this issue.
  • If problem persists, people can state in the forum that they’ve already followed the FAQ entry, which saves time for everyone
  • If someone runs into a new cause & solution, they can submit/open a ticket instead of only sharing it via the forums or (worse yet) not sharing it at all.

Thank you.

I would welcome any contributions to the docs :slight_smile: (