JWT expiration can´t be changed

Hi there,
I’ve been trying to change the expiration of the JWT but I can’t achieve to do it.
I was trying to do it from the jwt.io web page.
I introduce th next payload:
“aud”: “chirpstack-application-server”,
“exp”: 1686886270,
“iss”: “chirpstack-application-server”,
“nbf”: 1586799870,
“sub”: “user”,
“username”: “admin”
I use the JWT_SECRET of my application server. I tried this checking and no checking the box “secret base64 encoded” and i get the error code: “error”:“authentication failed: jwt parse error: signature is invalid”,“code”:16,“message”:“authentication failed: jwt parse error: signature is invalid”
I would appreciate any hint!

If you are using the JWT tokens for API integrations, please look at the latest AS release, it includes a new feature to generate API tokens in the web-interface. These tokens do not expire (but you can revoke them).

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