Jwt parse error : token is expired

We are getting this error in AppServer logs in chirpstack

time=“2021-04-03T22:08:47-05:00” level=info msg=“finished streaming call with code Unauthenticated” error=“rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = authentication failed: jwt parse error: token is expired by 21h55m26s” grpc.code=Unauthenticated grpc.method=StreamFrameLogs grpc.service=api.DeviceService grpc.start_time=“2021-04-03T22:08:47-05:00” grpc.time_ms=0.223 peer.address="[::1]:54074" span.kind=server system=grpc
time=“2021-04-03T22:08:57-05:00” level=info msg=“backend/joinserver: request received” message_type=JoinReq receiver_id=0000000000000000 sender_id=000000 transaction_id=1349850138

When we try to make join request from our development board with Lora 1272xx module
Some join requests are successfull with Joinaccept response but some are failling with the error above.

We have chirpstack server deployed at VirtualBox and enabled the port forwarding as required for mqtt broker. Tecktelic Gateway is lying nearby to device only configured with gateway bridge and udp packet forwarder.If some more setting need to be performed .

Please suggest.

I have seen the similar topics but did not understand that what i need to perform to resolve the issue.

Hi All,

Earlier i was not able to get JWT Token, now i have generated one using REST APIs and tested it though on some of the APIs t, working fine.
But now i am not able to understand how to set the JWT token in the end device ie actual hardware that will send JOIN REQUEST to APP Server through lora gateway. Please guide how to set the token in end device configuration

These are two different concepts. The JWT token (which you now can obtain by creating an API key), is for API authentication / authorization, e.g. if you build an application interacting with the ChirpStack API.

If this token has expired or revoked, then this does not affect devices already provisioned.

JoinAns is responded back by Server after successful join request. But i am getting error after i try to send some uplink data that jwt token is expired so no data is recieved at server end. So how to re validate jwt token