Jwt parse error

This has been solved before but because of the name change to chirpstack the topic links are mostly broken.

I get this error;
“authentication failed: jwt parse error: token contains an invalid number of segments”

While trying to run the example python packet enqueue program.

I have found this explanation;
In order to use the gRPC API methods, you must provide per-RPC credentials. The key for this metadata is authorization , the value Bearer <API TOKEN> (replace with the API TOKEN obtained using the web-interface).
However I don’t know what it means.

I’ve got my end device prototype passing data successfully via a RAK831 based gateway and can see the frames in the web interface. I can enqueue packets and get them to my device using the web interface but now want to move to the next step.


OK … have now solved this problem.

  1. When you create an API Key it shows you the ‘token’ just once when you create it.
  2. If you blow through this step and get lost in the forest (because your not familiar) and don’t copy the token and save it then you can’t get it back and there are no bread crumbs to lead you back out of the forest.
  3. For my organization I had created an API Key but not saved the token. I finally created a global API Key and this time noticed and understood the significance of the token. Copied it and am now working.
  4. I’ll delete my Org API Key and create a new one and save the token.

Now ready to move on to the rest of my proof of concept.