Kafka integration ( Downlink and Topic)

Hello, we are trying to switch to using Kafka instead of MQTT in the APP-Server.

I could not find any documentation on how to issue a down-link, is it possible?

Also is it possible to have “dynamic” topics like in MQTTfor the uplinks? For example using // as topic?

Hi Manuel, I opened a ticket some weeks ago regarding your second query (to have more than one topic).I received a suggestion to open a feature request in github.

Regarding your first query I´m not sure if I understood it completely.


Here it is describe how to Scheduling a downlink sending a message in MQTT using the " `/[DevEUI]/command/down" topic.

How do i schedule an down-link using kafka

That is not possible. The recommended way would be to use the gRPC / REST API :slight_smile:

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There are any plans to adding downlink via kafka in the future releases?

Currently not. Please note that with the API you have the advantage of directly getting a success or error response back + the frame-counter of the downlink.