Keep ChirpStack server up

I’m new to this and we are testing on ChirpStack. I would like to know how ChirpStack works, I managed to install it in docker and I was able to enter.
But how and where can I have the server running 24 hours a day???
I would need to know that to be able to move forward, does it cost anything?

You need a 24/7 server.
Either in your local network or public network.
Either buy a VPS to install ChirpStack or just subscribe a LoRaWAN Cloud.

How can I connect a Kona tektelic gateway, I changed the package in the Kona FT tool but nothing comes from the NS.

Option 1:
For Kona Tektelic gateway, I believe the simplest way is below
No need to install anything in the gateway.
[Kona Tektelic gateway > Default Semtech packet forwarder] > [Chirpstack gateway bridge (UDP/1700) > ChirpStack server]

Option 2:
A more complex and secure option is to install ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder on the Kona Tektelic gateway.
[Kona Tektelic gateway > ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder] > [ChirpStack server]

Me podrias guiar como hacerlo, repito nose desde donde empezar.
¿Dónde están los paquetes que debo poner en KonaFT?
Donde integrar la conexion,etc.