Kerlink config with chirpstack

Hi all

i ahve just bult a chirpstack application server as detailed in the chirpstack v4 guide. it looks like its running ok… apsrt from installing the application and logging in i ahve not done any other configuring.

i have a kerlink gateway device which i am trying to add. i have follwed the instructions, added the chirpstak server to the lora file and set enabled port 1700

however i am not able to get the gateway to speak to the chirpstack server

2022-10-24T20:28:42.126054+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <6> | lora uplink (3CF0000A), payload 39 B, channel 867.7 MHz, crc error, bw 125 kHz, sf 7, cr 4/6
2022-10-24T20:28:42.126121+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <6> | - radio (00000003)
2022-10-24T20:28:42.126233+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <6> | - demodulator counter 1170153811, UTC time 2022-10-24T20:28:42.120016Z, rssi -102.4 dB, snr -13.5< -11.75 <-8.25 dB
2022-10-24T20:28:42.126283+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <6> Dropping message with invalid CRC
2022-10-24T20:28:42.127045+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorad[2091]: <6> Sent 1 uplink message
2022-10-24T20:28:43.271867+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <6> Heartbeat (6E56) sent
2022-10-24T20:28:46.361581+00:00 klk-wiis-050705 lorafwd[2285]: <4> Heartbeat (6E56) timed out

i have looked at many how to guides but dont know what i am missing. Anyone able to assist please

Thank you

Have you installed the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge on your Kerlink gateway? Please see: Kerlink - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation