Kerlink ifemtocell rebooting

I’m trying to connect some ifemtocells to my loraserver.

Configuration seems ok, openvpn correctly connects to the server, and everything is working correctly.

The only problem I have is that both the 2 gateways I’m testing are rebooting every 50-60 minutes.

On the /var/log/messages the only information is the one of the reboot itself:
Jul 17 11:51:05 klk-wifc-XXXXXX user.notice shutdown[1292]: shutting down for system reboot
Jul 17 11:51:05 klk-wifc-XXXXXX init: Switching to runlevel: 6

But I can’t understand the cause of this.

The only other strange line on the logs I can see, but not near to the reboots, is:
Jul 17 12:01:39 klk-wifc-XXXXXX kerosd[804]: Reset bootfail

I just add that the network is still working when this happens, and the only suspect I had was /etc/network/networkmonitoring.conf, but it doesn’t seem to be the cause as even changing the reboot parameters this always happens at around 50-60 minutes of uptime.

Any idea on what to check?


As this might be unrelated to LoRa Server, I recommend to also report this to Kerlink.


I realize this is an old post, but I’m currently experiencing a very similar issue with a different Kerlink gateway (Wirnet iBTS compact) and am curious to know whether you found a cause and solution to your issue.