Kerlink iFemtocell Seen Never - Magic Link missing / connecting

Hi! I’m trying to get my first iFemtocell EVOLUTION (!) running.
I already have 3 iStations up, running flawless, but the Femto is a bit tricky…

I get the following error on my Femto in messages:

2022-04-11T09:44:18.613918+02:00 klk-fevo-050203 Get magic link: HTTP error 404 returned by server

2022-04-11T09:45:18.712450+02:00 klk-fevo-050203 CRO body:{“installedPackages”: {“chirpstack-gateway-bridge”: “3.13.2-r1”, “keros”: “4.3.3-0-g993efce1”}, “boardType”: “fevo”, “scriptVersion”: “1.1”, “boardRegion”: “868”}

ZTP is the Zero Touch Provisioning by Kerlink… but I dont think this is relevant…

On server side I get a:

1649659991: New connection from on port 1883.

1649659991: New client connected from as 539B588D-AXXX-DBFC-B8B0-28BCB7XXXXXX (p2, c1, k30).

(Xs for privacy purposes)

So it does at least something… maybe the ipk isnt for the evolution models yet?

Any hints for me where to look next?

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Firewall isnt blocking, packets coming in

The gateway is also in the mosquitto log…

New client connected from as auto-55AXX8E-749F-4274-DFFA-81XXXXXXX43 (p2, c1, k30).

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Added gateway to loriot… worked instantly. Chripstack is not for any reliable use case i think.

Will move on.

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There are two things that you need to configure:

  • Kerlink packet-forwarder to ChirpStack Gateway Bridge (on the gateway)
  • ChirpStack Gateway Bridge to your MQTT broker

It seems that the last point works given that your server reports a MQTT connection. Maybe the first point is not working yet?

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