Kerlink Istation AS923-2 Config with chirpstack

Hi, I am familiar with LoRaWAN but pretty new to setting up Chirpstack NS and Gateway on my own.

I already set up the gateway and I already see the gateway online in my chirpstack NS.
I set up the device to my region frequency (AS923-2) and I already confirm that both the device and the gateway is also on the AS923-2.
However when I take a log on the Lorafwd log, I notice that the gateway only received 850 MHz Frequency. I tried to change the Lorad configuration, however I cannot find the AS923-2 configuration.

Can you guys give me tips on how to make sure the gateway is on AS923-2?
Thank you.

You can ssh into the gateway and check the bellow commands
Frequency settings: /etc/lorad/lorad.json
List of frequency plans: ls /etc/lorad/fevo/

There’s no exampel for AS923_2 frequency in Fevo or Wiis.

I did my research and change it on my own. And it’s works now.

Maybe you could share your changes? This might be useful when others are looking for the same :slight_smile:

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