Kerlink iStation configuration

I’m setting up a Kerlink iStation gateway with software version 5.11 to work with Chirpstack. I followed the steps in the Chirpstack page but I have some doubts. Here I mention my observations:

  • I enabled Kerlink CPF:

klk_apps_config --activate-cpf

  • I edited /etc/lorafwd.toml setting up the following:

[ gateway ]
id = 0x7076ff0055123456
[ gwmp ]
node = “”
service.uplink = 1700
service.downlink = 1700

  • Then installed chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder_4.3.0-r1_klkgw.ipk
  • Edited chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder.toml


  • Then fighted a while with the Kerlink firewall, ended up disabling it for now.

My doubts so far:

  • In the past when using gateway-bridge IPK there was a way for Chirpstack to tell the gateway in which channels to listen, etc. Is this info now flowing thru MQTT with the mqtt-forwarder?
  • Do I need to enable anything specific in the Kerlink firewall?
  • I noticed it took 20+ minutes until I saw the Gateway as active in Chirpstack. Is that normal? I’m used to see other gateways using gateway-bridge becoming active in seconds.


Answers to your questions: