Kerlink: 'monit' not installed?

Should I be worried that the monit command doesn’t work on my Kerlink gateways ?
I have installed and configured the last version of the gateway bridge (chirpstack-gateway-bridge_3.10.0-r2_klkgw.ipk ) on two iFemtoCell gateways.
While it is recommanded on guide for installing gateway bridge on kerlink ifemtocell to use the ‘monit’ commands, this monitoring service seems not to be installed by default.
Is someone can confirm, or not, and explain why ?
Moreover, is someone can tell me where find documentation/help to install monit on a iFemtoCell gateway ??
Thank for your help !

Afaik, you need monit to keep the service running. Dont remember if the kerlinks got another “service monitor”. The documentation is behind a login: you will probably need an account.

thank for your answer.
I have spent lot of time on the wiki pages of Kerlink to find information but no relevant answer concerning the monitoring. I don’t understand why ‘monit’ is not installed contrary to what is expected.

Which version of KerOS do you have installed on your Kerlink gateway?

I am a bit confused …
Following the departure of a colleague, I have to manage several gateways, but it is new for me ! From the lora server, I can connect by ssh to these gateways. The address of each is not fixed but changes randomly.
It is why I was connected to a Wirnet ‘old’ station instead of a iFemtoCell model.
Finally, I connected to the iFemtoCell and checked that ‘monit’ is well installed !!
Sorry for the mistake !!