Kerlink Wirnet Station transmits positive RSSI -> Influences ADR

Hi there,

in the last days, we recognized that too much of our sensors are running at DR0.
When checking the Chirpstack configuration, we noticed that especially the WirnetStations report a positive RSSI. This seems to influence the ADR, because downlinks are sent via the gateway which is furthest away. The uplinks itself are received by several gateways. Two of them are located in the same building and have a much better signal quality.

There is one iFemtoCell Evo which reports a negative RSSI and this seems to be correct. But all the WirnetStations report positive RSSIs.

Is this behavior known?
Are there configuration options so that the reporting of the RSSI runs correctly?

May be the gain of the antenna is high.
And your nodes are too close to the gateway.